Board of Directors & Advisors

DiagCor has seasoned biotechnology executives and prominent scientists steering its growth and development.

Board of Director

Chairman: Dr. Joseph W.O. Tam, Ph.D.

CEO/CSO, DiagCor Bioscience Inc. Ltd

Dr. Kenneth Fong, Ph.D.

Chairman, Kenson Ventures, LLC., USA

Mr. Anthony S.Y. Wong, M.Sc.

Leading expert in Cytogenetics

Council Member, Hong Kong Society for Molecular Diagnostic Sciences

Dr. Joseph Huang

Vice President, Kenson Ventures, LLC. , USA

Scientific Advisor:

Dr. See-Ying Tam, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Department of Pathology, Center for Clinical Sciences Research, School of Medicine, Stanford University, USA

Medical Advisor:

Dr. Brian W.L. Chan, MBBS (HK), DCH (RCP&SI), and DPD (Cardiff)

Chairman, Town Health Medical and Dental Services Limited, Hong Kong

Legal Advisors:

Pang, Wan, and Choi Solicitors

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